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XRchaeology Miller Grove app menu
What do we know about the Underground Railroad in southern Illinois? Find out using XRchaeology @ Miller Grove WebApp
XRchaeology Peru game, gallery and Gallinazo education app
(Forthcoming) Take a trip to the Lambayeque Region of Peru where you will talk to the ancestors as you ward off ancestral beings, learn about Gallinazo artifacts and see an excavation area with artifacts in XRchaeology,  Peru.
3D scanned object models available for download
Want to learn more about the ancient pottery of Peru? Find out more and use our virtual reproductions in your classrooms.
image of university museum archaeology exhibition with information hotspots
Visit the 40th Anniversary of the CAI exhibit held during the fall semester of 2018.
a video of a virtual museum tour cast to iphone
A quick example of the PIAZ Gallinazo Museum experience in VR.

The eXtended Reality Learning Hub at Southern Illinois University, innovated by the XR Team at CTE, is a transdisciplinary project aimed at the development and implementation of cutting-edge content and teaching tools for educators and researchers. Available modules focus on archaeological, historical, and scientific themes. Our mission to contextualize and investigate relevant social issues, and scientific themes, is grounded by the objective to bring multi-dimensional experiences based on current research to all learners. Educational materials consist of innovative storytelling, 3D objects, 360 virtual tours, and other augmented, virtual, and mixed reality tools. Lesson plans and assessment materials developed by our partners on Educating with Evidence that accompanies content provided on XR Learning Hub are found on