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The eXtended Reality Learning Hub contains an ever-expanding range of immersive learning resources that faculty may incorporate into their D2L modules, or use as stand-alone learning components. Our mission is to facilitate immersive learning at Southern Illinois University. Part instructional design and part technological innovation, the XR Team works alongside faculty to innovate and implement immersive learning content and to create more equitable learning tools that engage learners with differentiated needs. Some recent content addresses archaeological, historical, voice science and other social themes. On this site you will find multi-dimensional resources, many of which have a local focus and are designed to work in conjunction with lesson plans and assessment materials on Educating with Evidence project The main teaching and learning modalities for the tools provided on XR Learning Hub are online or hybrid. The range of content consists of: dynamic interactive books, 3D objects, 360 virtual tours, and other augmented, virtual, and mixed reality scenarios.