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This is an virtual reality projection of a simulated nineteenth century village in southern Illinois.
The Miller Grove WebApp consists of virtual, augmented, interactive Online GIS and mixed reality learning components. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the place-based education lesson plans focused on the Underground Railroad in southern Illinois. The materials available here were built as part of a collaborative project between History Beneath the Forest Floor: African American Heritage Archaeological Field School at Miller Grove [co-Directors: Mary McCorvie and Mark J. Wagner], and SIU Center for Archaeological InvestigationsEducating with Evidence project, and Center for Teaching Excellence. The XR materials made freely available for educational use bring to life a simulated version of the nineteenth-century Free African American community of Miller Grove in southern Illinois.

The eXtended Reality Learning Hub at Southern Illinois University is a transdisciplinary project created by a collaborative team of educators and researchers. We combine place-based archaeological, historical, and scientific evidence, and the use of mobile technologies to expose, contextualize and investigate relevant social issues, and scientific themes. Our central aim is to engage learners through multi-dimensional experiences based on our local and international research projects. Our XR Learning Hub is at the forefront of educational innovation providing materials that help students find their place in the world using innovative augmented, virtual, and mixed reality tools on the go or in classroom settings.