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Postcard of Miller Grove

As an instructor, you will be able to bring new dimensions of interactive content into your social studies, anthropology and archaeology classrooms. In this set of interactive modules, our goal is to provide content that can be mixed and matched to round out lessons being taught in high school and postsecondary virtual and in-person classrooms.

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Picture of Abby Miller and her daughters

In this Visual Narrative module, we introduce students to the intriguing story of the Miller Grove in southernmost Illinois. Content in this module is designed to be used a self-paced introduction to Miller Grove community and ongoing archaeology project.

Interactive map with markers to view information and start 360 interactive tour

Becoming more spatially aware is a skill that both early and advanced learners can benefit from. The Miller Grove Interactive Tour is not only useful for developing an understanding of the relationship between the community and the landscape, it allows learners to engage with the immersive experience of being in the right place at the right time.

This is an automated tour of a simulated community in the 1800s in southern Illinois

The Miller Grove Walk Though is a virtual reality experience designed for use in a VR headset. In this simulation, learners are invited to visit the miller grove community and explore objects related to life in a rural community in the mid-1800s.